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IMPORTANT - This service allows you to view and print all online documents that have been filed for your active BC company or extraprovincial company.
You can also view and print a receipt associated with any of these filings. There is no charge for this service.

Call the Corporate Registry Search Unit at 1 877 526-1526 to:
• Request a certified copy of a document or
• Request a copy of a document that is only available on paper
Fees will apply.
You can refer to the overview any time by clicking the button beside the name of this transaction above.
In order to view or print a document you require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Effective June 30th, Benefit Companies can now be incorporated in the Business Registry. The Business Corporations Act was amended to include a new type of corporation: benefit companies. This new type of corporation is a for-profit company that commits to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable way. Click here to learn more.

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